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Why to choose Hompass for your honey products supplier?

Honey and other food products of bees are some of the world’s oldest foods; in fact, raw honey is one of the only foods that has an indefinite shelf life. More than that, these foods have been respected throughout history for their powerful healing and nutritional properties.

There is significant research and history that back up the therapeutic and beautifying properties of beehive products. Everything bee’s do and produce have marvelous benefits on our health. The mere existence of bees not only have a profoundly positive effect on the ecosystem, but their foodstuffs are capable of great healing to the body as well.

Most bee products have an impressive quantity of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other anti-inflammatory compounds.

Starting working with us is really simple. You just need to contact us and arrange a meeting, where we will discuss your needs and provide you with the most competitive terms for cooperation.

Contact us at either of the below methods
Phone: 015754320916; Email: office@hompass.de

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Why to work with us?

If you are store owner or would like to distribute our great organic and natural products via different channels, such as internet or direct marketing, here are four reasons to work with us.

Best Prices Available

We import directly from primary producers. No intermediaries and additional costs. This guarantee that we will always provide you with the best prices available. Our pricing and business models fully flexible and allow us to cover business deals from one single unit to thousands units.

Best Quality Available

We only choose suppliers and producers that don’t make any quality compromises. We also visit the production places few times per year to assure that the products meet the highest quality standards. The products we import are being constantly monitored and analyzed in world’s best laboratories such as QS and Intertek.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to our central location warehouse in Frankfurt we can react as fast as 1 day to deliver honey products in Frankfurt and 2 days to the rest of Germany. We constantly keep in stock large quantities of honey and honey products that can be delivered personally to your location.

Our clients are your clients too

By becoming your supplier you will be included in our partner’s database. Your location and contact details will be listed in the store locator interactive map in our website as well as on our brochures and other advertising materials. By this way the clients who love our brands can found our partners easily and make purchases directly from them.