Bulgarian Balkans Forest Honey



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Forest honey is acclaimed as one of the most unique and special honeys, produced from nature forest’s honeydew. This honey has been found to have an exceptionally high level of antioxidant activity. The color can be a good indicator of the antioxidant power – the darker the honey the higher the antioxidant activity.

Honey Origin

Forest honey is acclaimed as one of the most unique and special types of honey. Honey bees create this wonderful honey not with the sweet nectar gathered from flower blossoms, but with another sweet substance produced by aphids, called honeydew. The aphids eat the sap for the amino acids it contains, not so much for sugars. So, the most of the sugars are expelled by the aphid as honeydew – a natural waste product that is attractive to bees. Honeydew is chemically different from nectar, that’s why honeydew honey is also chemically different from regular blossom honey. It is with a higher mineral content, with a particular benefits and highly prized from honey lovers.


Aroma: woody, mild resinous, with various notes, depending on the species of tree
Color: medium to dark amber
Taste: medium sweet taste, with salty notes and presence of malted taste
Texture: slow crystallization


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