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Acacia honey is considered one of the best tipe of honey. The natural product is with wonderful medicinal action, antiseptic, antioxidant properties and energizing effect. Acacia honey has a low pollen content that makes it the least allergenic honey, the most suitable for small children. Its slightly floral flavor and mildly sweet doesn’t alter the taste of beverages it is added to. If the diabetics have to choose one type of honey instead of sugar, they should opt for acacia honey, because of the lower GI. Acacia honey is very easily absorbed by the body and eating high-quality organic honey regularly is an extremely healthy habit.

Honey Origin

Acacia honey is obtained from the False Acacia or Black Locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia). The tree blossoms in May to June. Although it is considered one of the main honey plants, the black locust does not always produce a crop of honey. Nectar flow is very dependent on local weather conditions and some years the flowers yield little or no nectar at all. Even when the flow is good, the flowering period is short – about ten days. During this time bees are drawn to the highly aromatic and wonderfully sweet smell of the ample drooping clusters of white blossoms, filled with nectar. They are returning throughout the day during the blossoming time. Our acacia honey comes from the nectar of these beautiful blossoms!


Aroma: slightly floral, fresh
Color: very clear, almost transparent white or pale yellow
Taste: mildly sweet, fine
Texture: very slow crystallization into fine crystals


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