Our Focus

Our focus at Hompass is to serve as a bridge between Bulgarian food manufacturers and the German Market. We carefully select to work only with suppliers that can provide the most delicious natural foods with outstanding quality. We are constantly monitoring all of our partner’s operations processes to ensure that only the highest quality honey products are reaching the German market.

Bulgarian Honey

Bulgarian honey is one of the best quality European honeys. Thanks to the rich plant species and preserved nature, bees collect acacia, linden, forest and herbal honey with unique flavor and great quality. Our honeys and honey products are produced in the cleanest mountain regions of Bulgaria. The whole production process is carried out at Pastili Limited, which is one of the biggest Bulgarian honey producers.

Honey Quality

All of our honeys product range is processed in strictly controlled environment under our partner’s HACCP and GMP certified facility in full compliance with the EU standards. Thanks to proprietary software, every drop of honey is fully traceable back to its source.

The products are analyzed in world recognized laboratories such as Intertek and QSI and the organic honey range is certified by SGS.


SGS Organic Certification


Intertek Analyses