Discover the reasons to love home made beeswax candles

For those of you who love candles burning, their soft, flickering glow and the sense of calm and warmth, we can offer a natural alternative of regular paraffin candles and number of good reasons to switch to home-made beeswax candles – a choice that will change your home environment and the quality of life.

First of all, why should we abandon using well-looking, colourful and aromatic paraffin candles?


1. The regular candles are made from a by-product of petroleum refining – paraffin, a black sludge, already filled with numerous toxins. More carcinogenic chemicals are added to change the black colour of sludge to white and to solidify it.

2. To make this waste product marketable and appealing, the chemists mix it with artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances which also produce toxins.

3. As a result, these candles are an extremely toxic product, which by its burning produce the same toxins, that may cause respiratory irritation and allergies.

4. Burning paraffin candles produce harmful black soot that leaves streaks of black residue and stains home interior surfaces. That’s why the candles used in churches must be white and 100% beeswax to keep the icon-paintings undamaged.

5. Although they are much cheaper than beeswax candles, the paraffin candles are not as efficient, because of their short burning.

6. During the burning, paraffin candles drip excessively and ruin the furniture’s surfaces and clothes.

7. Environmentalists should be aware that paraffin candles originate from a non-renewable resource – petroleum. Using paraffin encourages the discovery, collection, refinement, distribution and consumption of crude oil, along with all the damages that these processes cause to nature.


Our bees produce pure and natural beeswax comb in stunning mountain ranges, pristine fields with wild flowers and herbs. This is an ideal natural place for creating our home-made beeswax candles. Discover why to join our thousands customers, which delight these bee-friendly candles every day.

1. Beeswax is a gift from nature. It is used essentially in its native state and is the purest and most natural of all waxes, including vegetable waxes. After honey extracting, the only processing is filtering – no additives, no bleaching or hydrogenating. The beeswax is not a by-product of the oil industry, it comes from a renewable and sustainable source. It is a “green” wax because its production requires only large flowering fields and forest, while at the same time supports crop pollination for healthy and multifarious foods.

2. We never add artificial ingredients, synthetic fragrances or toxic colorants to our candles. Beeswax candles have colours of natural honey-toned rainbow, range from the palest ivory to sunny yellow, mellow golds to amber and caramel. Much like the bouquet of a fine wine, the aroma of pure beeswax is rich and varies depending on herbs and flowers that bees were pollinating.

3. Did you know that beeswax is a natural air purifier? When beeswax candles burn, they release negative ions, that carry away the positive ions in the air which typically carry dust, dirt, pollutants and any other contaminants. Many air purifiers and water filters harness this effective negative ion technology. So, you can transform the unpleasant odors in any room without the use of chemicals – simply by burning 100% pure beeswax candles. For this occasion, beeswax is the king of all waxes, you just can’t get better. Pure beeswax candles are best for those with allergies or sensitivities to scents.

4. Home-made 100% pure beeswax candles burn with a bright flame similar to Sun’s light and don‘t produce soot or smoke. They are completely natural and environmentally.

5. 100% pure beeswax naturally burns up to three times longer than paraffin, without using any additives. Beeswax candles provide a strong and bright amber glow, while releasing a faint honey scent for a long time at your home.

6. Beeswax candles are mostly dripless, so there will be no need for cleaning wax off the furniture’s surfaces, tablecloths and carpets.

7. And finally, but certainly not least, natural beeswax candles are ecological and environmentally-friendly, from a natural, renewable source. The process of collecting and processing beeswax does not pollute the surrounding environment in any way. All of candle decorations and packaging are either re-cyclable or biodegradable.

If we lose bees, we also risk losing all the crops they pollinate. Buying home-made candles from pure beeswax helps supporting beekeepers which keep bees alive by protecting beehives and the fields which bees visit to gather pollen, nectar and to make beeswax. Each one of us can make minor adjustments in his lifestyles to have less impact on our environment. But every small change makes a great difference if it’s multiplied millions of times. That’s what we can learn from bees – each one of them is so tiny, but millions of bees together bring such valuable benefits for people around all the world.
So, spoil a little yourself or your beloved ones. Create the perfect atmosphere for romantic rest and relaxation after a busy day and enjoy the soothing natural scent of honey and soft, warm glow of the flame. Our home-made beeswax candles bring out the natural beauty of bees. To light one is like to enter into the wisdom world of the bees and to reward yourself with all benefits from the bees.

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